Looking for Leaders

Conference Date : June 8-June 10 2012

Location : Detroit Marriott, Livonia, MI – 734-953-7399

Registration : June 8, 2012 at 7 PM

Contact : Ken Harb 734-765-1103 or Kenharb@gmail.com

The American Federation of Ramallah Palestine is Seeking :

  • Motivated individuals with a desire to lead and have an impact
  • Individuals with sense of purpose (personal vision / goals)
  • Individuals with a confidence that they can make a difference (not arrogance)
  • Assertive Individuals who have the willingness to assert themselves to compete
  • Psychologically fit individuals who have insight about themselves and empathy towards others
  • Centered participants who are able to control their emotional impulses (emotional intelligence)
  • Candidates with energy and the stamina to work long hours