Ramallah Club of Detroit Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony

Annual_Ramallah_Club_Banquet (1)
November 30, 2013
Location: St. Mary’s Cultural Center
Entertainment by Ali Barada

Contact the following for more information:
President & Banquet Chairperson… Nadia Mashni at 248-790-4790
Vice President & Banquet Chairperson …Linda Eadeh at 248-982-6414
Treasurer…Salem Abdelnour at 734-658-7968
Board Member…Hanna Ackall at 734-748-6068

Invitations have been mailed. Send in your response card to the banquet treasurer Elizabeth Ajluni. If you have any questions, call at 248-821-6816 send an email atlizajluni@aol.com.

See attached response card.